Global Operating Principles

The WEoB Network

Women Execs on Boards (WEoB) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) business association incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA.  WEoB allows its members to network, share information, opportunities, resources, and education, and support each other. While our members will likely be in competitive or complementary industries or environments, we are committed to a common mission, vision, and values that we believe should increase the number of women on corporate boards.

 Political Participation

WEoB is a non-partisan business organization.  While we have no specific party affiliation or political agenda, the political issues affecting corporations, organizations, and civil society are of paramount concern for all our members. WEoB encourages its members to adopt a non-partisan viewpoint when engaged and participating in WEoB activities.  On occasion, it will be in the best interest of our organization to contact legislators on behalf of our members to push forward, support, and advocate for legislation and regulation that favors our mission, vision, and values.

 WEoB Community Involvement

WEoB involvement provides our members with a platform for showcasing skills, competencies, networks, and personal resources and developing leadership skills. Member involvement and leadership strengthen our organizational capabilities and foster a culture that deepens member commitment. Member involvement builds enduring relationships in the WEoB community that will benefit the WEoB community and members alike.


We expect members to respect the confidentiality of all discussions within our network unless a request is made explicitly for sharing an opinion or quoting a point of view. Our calls are recorded, but these are only made available for members' convenience and are not to be shared outside the network.