Aspiring Directors

Our Aspiring Director members are those who have not yet been on a corporate board, whether public or private. WomenExecs on Boards has specific programming and resources for our Aspiring Directors to help accelerate their journey into the corporate boardroom.  

We call our programming specifically for these members "The Aspiring Directors Accelerator Program," which is designed to assist members embarking on or reshaping their board journey. By harnessing the collective wisdom of our more experienced members and insights from our external strategic partners, our goal is to provide programming to empower all members on their path toward board placement.

Featured topics include "Journey to the Boardroom," "Your Board Blueprint," "Finding Your Board Superpowers," and more. Recordings of these topics can be found in our Resource Library

All WEoB members are welcome to access Aspiring Director programming and resources. However, more tailored programming for experienced directors is under our Directors Circle programming.