WomenExecs on Boards (WEoB) is a global network of courageous women who are breaking barriers, advancing our knowledge, and supporting our members on their board journeys. WEoB is committed to ensuring women reach the boardroom and the C-Suite by showing that diverse leadership improves corporate performance.

WEoB pioneers gender equality worldwide by improving gender diversity and equality in the boardroom. Our culture, characterized by selfless leadership, solidarity, and unity among members, shapes our identity and sets our network apart. WEoB positions our members to serve on corporate boards through networking, peer support, and education.

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Harvard Board Education Program: Women on Boards, Succeeding as a Corporate Director, or the Corporate Directors Certificate Program


Businesswomen across diverse sectors who have C-level positions and Board experience in public companies, private companies, and nonprofits



The women in our network provide corporate boards with what they need in today’s highly competitive business environment to:

1. Improve gender diversity and equality on their boards.

2. Expand perspectives and experiences, ultimately enhancing board performance.

3. Prove to employees, shareholders, and customers that positioning women and minorities as leaders powerfully demonstrates the organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

4. Improve the bottom line in corporate governance. 

Our members stand at the forefront of guiding companies worldwide toward a competitive advantage by implementing gender diversity in boardrooms. Their invaluable insights and leadership steer organizations toward success in the dynamic and evolving global business arena.

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