About WEoB Membership

At WomenExecs on Boards (WEoB), we believe that networking is not just a benefit but an integral part of your professional journey. Our membership is designed to provide you with diverse and impactful networking avenues, ensuring you connect with the right professionals and opportunities. Here's a glimpse of the networking options available to you: 

Regional Groups: Connect with professionals in your geographical area, fostering local connections and collaborations that can enhance your professional network. 

Industry Groups: Immerse yourself in discussions and engagements tailored to your specific industry. Exchange insights, challenges, and best practices with professionals who understand the unique dynamics of your sector. 

Annual Symposium: Join us at our signature event, the Annual Symposium, where industry leaders and trailblazers gather for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaborative discussions. 

Directors’ Circle: Engage in exclusive discussions and events with experienced directors. This platform provides a unique opportunity to learn from established leaders and contribute to meaningful conversations in a more intimate setting. 

Aspiring Directors: If you're aspiring to take on board roles, this dedicated group is tailored to your needs. Connect with mentors, access resources, and participate in events designed to support your journey toward board leadership. 

Your WEoB membership unlocks these networking options and more, ensuring that you have the tools and connections to thrive in your professional endeavors. We invite you to explore the diverse opportunities within our network and leverage the power of connections to propel your career forward.


Any woman who has successfully completed one or more of the following  Harvard Business School Executive Education Corporate Governance Programs:

  1. Women on Boards: Succeeding as a Corporate Director 

  2. Making Corporate Boards More Effective or the completion of the Corporate Director Certificate program

We would love to have you join us as we pioneer gender equality in the boardroom across the globe and have the opportunity to support you in your board journey. WomenExecs on Boards (WEoB) members benefit from having a supportive network of experts to collaborate with as they enter the boardroom. Members come from all over the world and work in every sector of the global economy – finance, technology, law, retail, real estate, manufacturing, health care, consumer goods, and more. 

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